Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Blazer

The weather is very hot where I currently reside. It is definitely not blazer weather. However, I have become quite obsessed with this one item of clothing - A funny thing considering a few years back how much I hated my school blazer with the emblem on it, that was part of our uniform ( Australians wear uniforms to school).

Back to the blazer. I don't know why I cant get enough of the blazer. I find my self longing for cooler weather simply so I may wear this most desirable piece.

But like I said, with the weather being so hot I am only able to look at the beautiful pieces for now. This is one of my favourites by Kate Moss for Top Shop.

So are their any items of clothing you are missing during the warmer or cooler seasons?


A dreamer said...

I love blazers too! I just bought a cropped blazer yesterday. thanks for linking. i'll link you back too.

Style Syrup said...

Great! You will have to do a post about it. I am sure it is a wonderful piece.


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