Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Pressies

I must admit that I was terribly spoilt this weekend and received these absolutely beautiful gifts. This is what I received:

  • A sexy pair of Michael Kors Heels

  • Yellow patent sky high heels by Guess

  • A soft & buttery tan bag with cream trimming from 7 for all mankind . This reminded me of Australian brand Mimco - so I had a bit of a Aussie moment. Well not exactly but close enough ( You can take the girl out of Australia but you can't take Australia out of the girl - This is one big country to lug around)

I am still dancing around my living room with excitement over these new items (I think the neighbours are starting to wonder, so I have tried to keep this down a bit :). Honestly, I feel very lucky and fortunate to have received such lovely gifts. I don't think I really deserve such things, but it does make me feel very grateful.

I took a few pics of my new goodies. Although, I must admit, they are far more special in real life.

Also does anyone have any picture uploading tips? My pictures seem to choose were they want to go after they are publised.


ash said...

love your gifts! And, love the blog!!
check out mine:)

Wendy said...

The zip up shoes are frickin gorgeous!

Ida said...

Love the shoes! Beautiful stuff, especially the zipper details.

Hmm, you can choose the alignment for each picture individually by selecting it, and using the rich text editor in the post box window.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Gorgeous shoes! ♥
Thanks for your comment ^_^

CoutureCarrie said...

Great work! Those shoes are, as they say, fierce!!!

Style Addict said...

OOOOO. cute im jealous!!!

emsie said...

amazing heels. i love the yellow, and the zip detail of the other shoe.


Amazing gifts! Lovely blog!


A la Femme said...

I love, love, love those shoes. Especially the black michael kors sandals!! :)

Style Syrup said...

Ash - Thank you. I would love to check out your blog.

Wendy - I like the zip up detail too :)

Ida - Thank you for your comment. I will take that information on board.

Fashion Chalet - Thank you for posting. I like your blog very much

Couturecarrie - That is alaways nice to hear

Style Addict - :)

Emsie - Thank you for your lovely comment. I like those details also

Style De Monde - Thank you for your sweet comment

A la femme - Your comment was very sweet.

Penny said...

Wow! I love the Michael Kors shoes.
Did someone buy them for you or did the designers send them to you?
either way you are so lucky!

Dinie said...

try uploading the pics via photobucket ad use the url direct link to paste on the pictrure pop-up.
you can choose the size and alignment.

a. said...

oh wow those zippered heels are amazing!


ps, is that daisy lowe on your header? i love her!

pps, you like alison goldfrapp toooo?! eee! im obsessed with her. so, i officially adore you now. hehe. fancy a link trade, doll?

Style Syrup said...

Penny - Someone bought them for me. I know, I am very lucky

Dinie - Thank you for your tips

a. - The zipper details are my favourite.
Yes it is Daisy Lowe. I am glad you like it. Yep I certainly do like Goldfrapp. Well I do have that effect on people :)
I would love to share links with your gorgeous blog.

Betsey said...

oh wow, those shoes are AMAZING! thanks so much for your nice comment! i usually just dig around to find the photographers...ive come across some really great ones! i love your blog as well! would you like to exchange links?


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