Sunday, May 16, 2010

Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's

Find delight in lifes simple pleausres .




Hope everyone had a great weekend! To those still there - Have a great one. x

"September 28th, 1997. It is exactly 11am. At the funfair, near the ghost train, the marshmallow twister is twisting. Meanwhile, on a bench in Villette Square, Félix Lerbier learns there are more links in his brain than atoms in the universe. Meanwhile, at the Sacré Coeur, the nuns are practising their backhand. The temperature is 24°C, humidity 70%, atmospheric pressure 990 millibars" - Amelie

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ellinelle said...

oh my ..I could live from desserts , I just love cakes and pastries and all things like that ..I wish I didn't love them so much : ) because it all shows on the waist line ; )and I love chocolate as well ...mmmm...

I like your new blog design , it's really pretty ..and thanks for your sweet comments ..makes me smile : )))

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

One of my favourite film!

Pink Chocolate Break said...

I totally agree!!

garakami said...

Omg, this movie was amazing ! You know what else was a pretty awkward movie, but really good nonetheless (don't know if you've ever seen it before) it's called Mouth to Mouth with Ellen Page and The Doom Generation.

Krimly said...


I've a great sandals GIVEAWAY at my blog!

Check it out! :)



We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars - Oscar Wilde

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