Friday, January 29, 2010

Shape & Form

"I'd like to wear it but (insert your own word)" I'm sure everyone has mumbled this statement at some point in response to catwalk fashion vs real life fashion and how their body shape fits into that. Blending the two is not that easy. I have worn pieces that didn't suit me because they were fashionable. Or looked so awkward carrying off a look because I thought I may have looked silly that I did look so.
On the other hand I have also let silly insecurities affect what I have worn. Like the time I wouldn't wear high heels because I felt I was already too tall (I'm 5'8 - which is pretty normal anyway). I got over that quick fast.

Anyway, what I have learnt is that you should not let fashion or insecurities get in your way when you are practicing a form of self expression like dressing yourself. Dress who you are and if people think you look silly then that's their problem. However, I think when you follow your own innate style then most people will admire your individuality.

About the picture: I took this photo about a week ago in Sydney, Australia. Currently, their are art pieces randomly adorning the city streets. This was taken in a little side street close to Martin Place.
I think it suits this post well.

Photo: Taken by me

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