Friday, October 30, 2009

Style Profile - Alexandra Agoston

Australian born Alexandra is stunning by anyone’s standards. But what makes her more exciting is her racially-ambiguous good looks. You can't really decipher what nationality she is which lends to her appeal. Combine this with her simple aesthetic (clean face, simple hair and uncomplicated clothes) which establish an amazing canvas for the designer.

Want to channel her off duty look?

Grow out your hair and avoid hair colour. Stick to a muted colour palette highlighted by bare skin.


Sher said...

Wow, she is gorgeous! She has very striking features, I love the pic of her with the bowler hat!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments, dear! It brightens up my day! Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Halloween:)


yiqin; said...

Ah I lvoe long hair because it just looks so effortless chic!

Raez said...

shes a stunner, she looks amazing in teh first shot. well actually, in all of them!

xx raez

Coco said...

She seems part-Italian, part-Asian hey. I can't believe she isn't more famous - she is hot.


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