Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gaudy skirts are sometimes very very fun

This is a quick post on the the Brocade skirt. I want to wear it with leather or fur(not real of course). Although, I don't own said skirt, I believe it would be a truly versatile item. Thus, it must be purchased.
What do you think of the brocade skirt. Do you have one or ten? If so, where did you get it or them?

Brocade Skirt by Roberto Cavalli

By Zen Trade

Alright, so it may not be the definition of gaudy. I actually tried to find something really crazy to post. Alas, I could not find any clothing outrageous enough. So if you want to recommend a collection with a deliciously gaudy element well now that would be "delightful''.


camilla said...

the details are great. oh btw i included you to one of the chicest bloggers here in blog.com jus for fun>for fashion addicts exclusives. ^ ^ leave a comment and will do too ^ ^

Betsey said...

i actually really love these!
id totally wear them!

clairegrenade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clairegrenade said...

oooooooooh i love that fabric, the texture just works really well with jeweltones

awesmome glod, dahhling


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