Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The look

I am currently liking Liv's new hair. Do you think it has the potential to take over from the Aggy or Pob? I know that some of you may think I am crazy for asking this, but I think this could become a new trend.


CoutureCarrie said...

She IS looking amazing these days -I think the shorter locks are better for her :)

Betsey said...

ooh yes, i so love this hair cut on her! shes gorgeous

makemoremistakes said...

I love her fully and completely but cannot say that I like this new hair. I am going to be the ornery disagreeable one and say that I prefer her with long shiny locks, as opposed to this...but that's just my opinion! And as I am not a fan of midlength hair I would say that it won't become a trend-solely because I wouldn't be wearing it. hehe.


Little Miss Dress Up said...

she looks gorgeous!!!

here she sort of reminds me of Alexa Chung


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